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 LIRE is a survival horror video game inspire from old horror RPG maker called IB,  and Witch house.

   LIRE Focus on Eve Antoinette after her family  move into another country for 10 years, she is back to visit her favorite childhood spot along with her cat sebastian.  unfortunately her cat ran away deep into the forest and disappear. after eve follow the path she saw sebastian jump over the window of abandoned mansion that she had never known ever existed in this forest, she realize that the mansion is very mysterious but she need to find sebastian and get out from the mansion that contains the dark force that trapped inside.

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Campaign : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lire--2

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Donate me at paypal  : arief_hikaru@yahoo.com

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Controller :

Move          : W,A,S,D        

 E                 :  Pickup item/ search /  Open door

Shift           : Run

Mouse     :  Camera Movement


Spec Minimum Requirement :

- Processor : Intel  I3       

- OS    : Windows 7 ultimate  64-Bit   

- RAM :  4 GB                     

- VGA : GT 730



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Can't wait to see the full thing!
If you want me to help you with voicing or smth - just HMU <3

Thankyou for you video and your feedback~ 

I'm still working for the demo. the full version is gonna take long time.. but the demo version gonna launch soon~ (๑◕ㅂ▰)

I made a screenshot and i shared it along with your patreon to help you out, you did a nice job on Eve Antoinette's character design, don't give up, the game has a lot of potential :3

Thankyou for your help, really apreciate it~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I really loved the demo. I cant wait to see more of the game!!!

Hi~ I'm glad you are love with my game. I'm working in prototype 2, You will see more feature & the real scare of this game in the next update.  Thankyou for your support, & for being the fans of this game !!your streaming and your review is nice too. Please consider to follow this channel to get the news about update of this game (`・ω・´)9

 Thankyou very much!  (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Please let me know when the next prototype is out. I just love this game so much and I really am excited for the full game!!!!!

Gave it a go...

Thankyou for your review~ (≧ω≦)ゞ

I was played the game and it takes about 30 minutes to complete it, this is a very interesting game. The character is sweet, the animation is very smooth, the sound of the rain is like real, and I really like the change of atmosphere when entering the forest, its different with other horror game :)

This Game have a lot of potential to be good,   I will waiting  for the next update. GoodJob!! You have my support!!

This is a short gameplay for players who have trouble finding the key :)

Ah, thankyou for your review , don't worry this game will have much feature for next update~  (*≧∀≦*) 
Thankyou for your support & Your video !! Really Appreciate it!!  (⋟﹏⋞)

At the moment it plays fine however when using OBS to record the video out put became very laggy. 

Liked the change in walk cycles. character movement was very well animated and I look forward to what you turn this into. I'd love to Play the finished version or even a demo on my youtube :)


I will adjust the performance for the game to fix that lag problem~ Don't worry this game will have prototype 2 , fix the performance and adding more feature  & story~ Thanks for follow this channel (≖ᴗ≖✿)

I dont know but my GPU is crashing this game, I'm sure game is okay but my GPU is messing things up -_-

Please check minimum requirement to play LIRE :)

2GB 128 bit can handle this game easily but my Graphic card mess up with some game, I will give it a try when my Rx 560 4GB OC comes back

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Try minimum graphic card in the description or you can use other graphic card equal or higher spec. If your graphic card is low than description it will cause crash, or lag when you play this game (◕‿<✿)b

I just downloaded it, I'm not sure when the video will be released, but it should be some time next week. 


Thankyou very much to play this game, We will waiting ~ Thanks ^^

nice bounc... ahm, i mean exploring and cute japanese speaking voice! hard to say much right now but i would like to play once again when there is more feature or happenings:) nice beginning!


Thankyou for playing LIRE, yeah sure it will have more feature in the future later.  
Please consider to play again with streaming at youtube, we really appreciate it if you can tell this game to everyone, i just wanna know how many people interest this game (◕‿◕✿)

ありがとう ~ (人◕ω◕)

yes i would gladly make a gameplay video on youtube! こちらこそ、ありがとう!

Thankyou, We will waiting your video~ (●≧ω≦)9