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    LIRE is a survival horror video game inspired by old horror RPG maker games "IB" and "The Witch's House".

   LIRE focuses on Eve Antoinette, after her family moved to another country 10 years ago. She came back to visit her favorite childhood spot along with her cat Sebastian. Unfortunately, her cat ran away deep into the forest and disappeared. Eve decided to follow and saw Sebastian jump through the window of an abandoned mansion that she had never known ever existed in this forest. She realized that while the mansion is very mysterious and scary, she still needed to find Sebastian and get out of this place which contains a dark force trapped inside.

~ Main Character ~
( Eve Antoinette )

Eve Antoinette is a quiet girl, as if she had no emotions. She loves flowers, animals, tea, chocolate and reading books. Eve owns a black cat named Sebastian.


What's new in LIRE Demo Finale?

- Eve's personality
- Eve Sprite
- Eve 3D
- New Looking in game
- New puzzles
- New features
- New area
- New ghost
- New trap
- More stories


Do you believe in ghost? What do you know about them?
Types of ghosts :

1. Interactive Personality :
Can talk, prefers to stay in one place, not dangerous.
2. Poltergeist :
Physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around.
3. Shocking ghost : 
Will appear if you trigger something, sometimes can be avoided, not too dangerous.
4. Bound ghost :
Can't move, if you hit it you will get damage, not too dangerous. Some specific bound ghosts can't deal damage but they can block your path.
5. Wandering ghost :
Can talk, wanders in specific areas, has a chasing limit area, dangerous.
6. Berserk Ghost :
Will appear if you trigger something, can't be avoided, chases you, extremely dangerous.


Survival tips :

- Watch your back!! 
- Shouting command can be useful if you use it in the right place
- Hide before the wandering ghost sees you
- Master your run to avoid the wandering ghost's attack * Health and Stamina potions can increase your survivability


Spec Minimum Requirement :  

-  Processor : Intel  I3       

- OS    : Windows 7 ultimate  64-Bit   

- RAM :  4 GB      

- VGA : GT 730


Follow me :

Instagram :  zheroisland3010 

Twitter       : @IslandZhero 

Discord      : https://discord.gg/eDpZVVDEA7

Patreon   : https://www.patreon.com/zheroisland


Support me :

Hi everyone I'm working this game since 2018 from scratch~ If you like the game please consider to give rate, your rate really help this game to reach top horror game list on itchio. (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧ ( you need to login first to give Rate ).

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How can I play the game ?

You can try it the demo now, I'm enable the download button for LIRe demo finale now

This video from へるこ_平成Spin

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Chapter 1 really different with demo finale, the atmosphere looks scary now, also The ghost virl, finnaly I knew why she died so sad :(

I love new hiding system, it remind me about clocktower 3, shout command + hiding sytem its good idea. Goodjob for chapter 1,  will waiting for chapter 2!!

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Is there a way to buy without using PayPal i.e. pay using credit card only? I usually see "Pay with PayPal or Pay with Card" with itch io games, but I only see "Pay with PayPal" with this game. 

(1 edit)

Because the game that can be buy with card is game that upload directly on the itchio account seller.  The source of this game is not uploaded directly on itchio account because the size of this game is too big around 8GB.

(5 edits)

I see. Thanks for telling me. I tried looking some things up after my comment and this came up https://itch.io/t/654159/payoneer-now-available-for-all-accounts Is that a possibility? 

I'm asking because, while I did manage to buy it myself, paypal can be a bi*** to use, and I doubt most others have as much patience as me lol... Or maybe people frequently experiencing problems with paypal are a minority and I'm just unfortunate to be in that minority.

On a more positive note, I'm looking forward to the download is complete~

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Yes I connected with payoneer, will take around 3 days for validation by payoneer. Probably you will see 2 payment methode later Paypal and Payoneer.

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🌹👻❤️ **EDIT: Completed the game survey!

I could see and tell that this a real passion project from the very beginning. So much love and attention to detail went into the making of this game; it truly is inspiring. 

Each original character model presents a story of their own from head to toe. The designs are so well done! Even the models for the hanging bodies were detailed! The scary lady in the Fashion Room is horrifying and my favorite NPC is the little girl ghost dressed in red whom we encounter at the beginning of the game. 

As I stated before, the attention to detail is amazing! From the various knick-knacks scattered throughout the castle mansion, to the change of sounds Eve's shoes make when she enters a certain room. 

There are a few negative opinions I have about the game, mostly in regards to gameplay: the random one-hit kill doll in the winery seems odd and unfair as it spawned out of thin air and follows the main character to the exit door - I'm honestly surprised there aren't more similar death traps such as falling floors/stairs or a chandelier that falls and kills the player; the special instructions for how to play the game should be readily available to the player at all times possibly as a diary that Eve keeps as it is somewhat frustrating and jarring when the instructions randomly pop on screen interrupting gameplay (this is most apparent while in the Fashion Room); game mechanics I had no idea were possible until late (the "Shout" mechanic). There should be voice lines ("ah" and/or "no!") for when Eve is physically hit/injured otherwise it's like she's not being effected at all. 

There should be more emphasis on exactly why the main character, Eve, is doing all of this in the first place, for the player to actually care about her. I adore her design but even after an hour and a half of playtime, I found that she didn't really resonate with me at all besides having an anime-aesthetic appeal. The player should be able to feel how lost, worried, annoyed, angry, or scared she is for Sebastion. Possibly in line with her personality, I don't really feel like she cares much at all about the cat and simply uses the cat as an excuse to go outdoors. I don't know much of anything about Eve (or Sebastion) at all as there isn't much information in the game about her or the cat, and find it funny she doesn't react to anything that happens inside the mansion except for the random voice line of "I feel something strange here" before immediately being attached by Ghost Girl in red; Eve should be able to feel something strange EVERYWHERE but she only mentions it after the cutscene. I was hoping she'd react to the stiff butler-type moustachioed zombie ghost in the dining room but neither of them say anything; she doesn't react to the clawing girl scout ghost in the library, and should probably say something about the long finger-nail ghost in the Fashion Room, but not a word was said or a feeling had. Thinking about all of this, I feel as if Eve encounters such terrifying and strange things on a daily basis and works as a part-time executioner, detective, and paranormal researcher because her cool, calm, and collected to-a-fault demeanor would make her the perfect boss in all of those classifications. 

If Eve Antoinette were a character in an anime, she'd definitely be the unemotional overpowered badass who is clueless and naive but deadly and unpredictable, which is pretty cool.  


I found it surprising that Eve's character model is that of an anime character but none of the other characters present in the world of the game are of the same design. It is not a huge issue or flaw but it is somewhat distracting when you meet a ghost character and only their in-game sprite is modeled in the same fashion. 

I am not entirely sure what time period the game takes place in as there are a multitude of inconsistencies throughout the game that do not go along with the story being told by the lost journal entries or Eve's clothing. There are washing machines and plastic trash bins and mops in the Laundry Room and even light switches are visible on the walls but there are 1800's gramophones in the library (which could merely be vintage collectibles, sure) and diary entries that date back to the late 1600's when Countess Elizabeth Bathory was alive. There are also no modern photographs/paintings on the walls; all pictures appear to be paintings from many centuries ago. I also understand that Eve is dressed in the stereotypical Lolita doll fashion but in regards to the game, is she merely dressed like that for fun or is it representative of the time period (old English Victorian/Edwardian mid-17 to 1800's)? The Fashion Room dresses also looked like designs closer around the year 1980. Lastly, the clothing of the library ghost also confused me as she was wearing the same type of clothing a young girl scout would wear today; I doubt children - especially girls - in the early 17- to late 1800's had pink sneakers, backpacks with cool graphics and carried metal baseball bats along with them. 

It surprised me when the Ghost Girl turned violent and chased me out after the first cut scene and final journal; I wish her NPC was no longer visible in the room since her story arc is finished. 


So much work and effort went into this game, not to mention countless hours. It really is a work of art. I enjoyed my time playing it and hope the video is informative, entertaining and somewhat comical at least. I wish you the best of luck and hope many others play the upcoming new chapter releases! 

Thanks for reading and I look forward to any feedback/replies!

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Hi thankyou for playing LIRE demo finale.
- The doll that chasing in thewine room is the cursed doll, in LIRE you will found trap or ghost that will instantly kill you by 1 hit, also some trap  will appear on behind  the character so make sure to hearing the noise and always look at your back.
- Eve live in modern era, and the mansion era is mixed started from 1600 higher. 
- Ghost girl is good ghost, the ghost who chasing you is the sister. 
- The ghost dress  is random era (because it's the asset and I dont have much budget to hire artist to  make every ghost with my own design), but the ghost it still mixed with the atmosphere anyway.  :)

Also good news for you I'm on progress to relase new Version today, but honestly is not free anymore. There alot improvement about game mechanic, new model, jumpscare, hint, new feature, also have the story explanation about ghost girl.

Thankyou for all your feedback ^^

I love this game <3

But objects could glow bc they are hard to see sometimes :P

(3 edits)

Thankyou for play LIRe demo finale~ For key object is not glowing, but you can to read the hint on note and the map  to see where the location  ^^

I love the game, but I think the note in the library (Girl Diary Vol V) where the ghost is should be moved to a safer place, as I doubt most people will read it during a chase. I had to take a picture myself and pause the game to read it on my phone lol.


Thankyou for play lire demo version. Thanks for your feedback~ ^^

This video from spazious

Part 2


thankyou for playing lire demo Finale version~ 

I really enjoyed it. Eve is pretty cute. My playthrough is on LBRY https://lbry.tv/@ArcticNinja21:c/LIRE-Demo:3

Hi. Thankyou for playing LIRE demo version 🌸🌸🎵🎵

I just downloaded this and  I'm really interested in the story.But I can't get very far,I made it to the mansion and it's just too dark....and the flashlight....it doesn't have any light,unless I'm doing something wrong  :( otherwise keep it up,I'm very interested.

(1 edit)

Do you follow the tutorial when you first came in the mansion? you need equip the battery and flashlight again after you in the mansion, and then press F to turn on the flashlight~

This video from へるこ_平成Spin [Part2]

This video from へるこ_平成Spin

I really enjoyed the original demo of this that I played back in February so it was good to revisit this. I was really impressed with the changes you've made, this was great!!

Thank you for your effort to solve the puzzle and not giving up to play until beat the game, congratz!! 


jiggle phyzics

My take on the demo 

Hi thankyou for play LIRE demo finale! Thanks for the video~🙏🌸🌸

This video from アフロ丹沢!低音ボイスGameCh part 2


Inspired in IB, just for this i love this game!! :3


Thankyou!! o.(+・`ω・+).o

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This video from アフロ丹沢!低音ボイスGameCh


LOVE this game! was a huge fan of IB and Witches House so playing this was a real treat! im always looking for great indie games to play :D so after playing this i had to contribute in hopes of a full game! cannot wait for a full release!

(6 edits)

Thank you for playing "LIRE Demo Finale". I will try to give the best result for the full version later. Thankyou for your support~ ^^

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This video from wolf magistar



That was fast gameplay XD
Thankyou for play~

(3 edits) (+1)

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here:


1. The game indeed has some pretty tasty Witch's House and Ib vibes! I love that. I see which moments inspired to create this game and I am so glad to feel this ambiance again!

2. The character model and walking animation are very cute! It's pleasant to watch the character go which is very important as the player gets to run around a lot.

3. The spooks in the game are very good. I especially liked the doll one and the one with the gun.


1. I wish there would be more unfair deaths. There were lots of stuff in Witch's House which would obviously lead to death but it was so much fun to see what happens (especially with the shoues if you remember). I wish there would be more things similar to that.

2. It's hard to tell which objects are interactable and which are not. When one plays an RPG maker horror - everything is interactable so it's hard to miss something as the player interacts with everything. Here it's hard to tell interactability so it's easy to miss keys or to miss clues like that drawer with teapots. I would recommend making more stuff interactable. Like if the player would get the ability to read simple comments about objects - it would be a nice incentive to interact with as many things as possible.

3. It's hard to see when someone attacks from behind. Maybe it would be nice to make enemies appear from the side so the player could see them first, react and run? Or it would be even better to add a sound cue for "run for your life" situations (again comparing to RPG maker games where the player can see everything around - these spooks do not have the same effect).


Iw was pleasant but I expected a bit more upon seeing that this is a 3D game inspired by Witch's House and Ib. I believe that this game could benefit a lot by implementing more scares similat to ones from these games. For me the experience now is 4/5 star. But it has so much potential! I think the game could be great! It's just requires a bit more work and polish. Can't wait to see the final product!

*edit - changed my mind. There is so much effort put into the game. And it's still being developed, so I can't rate it less then 5/5. But my list of disadvantages is still valid) 5/5 indeed

Hope my feedback was useful!


Hi.. Thankyou for your feedback, It really help me to make this game more better in the future and I hope you can continue your play because you are close to beat the game. Thankyou for your rate and thankyou for playing LIRE demo finale~ (*≧∀≦*)

loved it!!!

Thankyou!! (*≧∀≦*)

This Video from Dcmqr

This video from Indie games Caffeinery

Thia game from Louis Galaxoz


Thia game from Ezez Game

Part 2

Really like this! I saw a lot of progress and improved things. Good job! But unfortunately there are still bugs. The game sometimes stuck after entering password "Bathory". As you can see in my Youtube video here.

The rest is no problem, but I also want to give suggestions for adding ghosts and more jumpscare. 

Other than that the game is still relatively quiet. so you can add more spooky background music so that the atmosphere feels more spooky.

Especially in the wine room and the room where the ghost appeared, and also the room where the corpses were hanging. Thanks!

Thankyou for your feedback. This game will have more improvements in the future, I hope you can play the full version later when it's released. Thank you for playing ~ ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi ZheroIsland, played through a portion of the demo and I really like it so far. Few things I picked up on when exploring through the game and both of these are related to reloading into the game from previously dying, or going back in.

1. Doors that were previously unlocked using a key need to be re-unlocked to be able to open them.

2. Events like putting the teapot in the cabinet, and pressing the button on the doll do not reactivate when interacting with them.

Most of the time with puzzle solving, the item/objective in question is in the same room or one of the adjacent rooms which is great, whereas in other games they can be on the other side of the game (retracting your steps) which can be tiresome.

Thank you for LIRE, and hope the development of the rest of the game goes well for you! ^o^

(1 edit)

I'm Watching your video, you really patient to play this game.  I saw you have problem to find the location of item, you forgot to use Map by pressing [M] , it will showing you the exactly place you need to go. I hope you continue to play this game, because you are close to beat the game :)

Part 2 <3


Congrats you beat the game! I love when you inspect all area in the mansion, and try to find all diary page, not many people do that anyway. (≧∇≦*)/

Dear 6th diary, where are you. ^o^


I never played an horror game before, I'm crying because of the jumpscares xD I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!


I don’t normally play 3D games, but this peaked my interest. I’m enjoying and having fun with the demo so far, with some issues (I’ve sent feedback and given a rating). I’ve gotten up to the part with the ghost woman in the red dress (fashion room). I noticed you’ve already had previous demos before, I look forward to seeing any more updates! ^^ 


I love the art style, very pretty!

Hi thankyou I'm glad you love it~ If you don't mind please consider to give it rate (*´∇`*)~

I've already rated it, this game is stunning!

(3 edits) (+2)

Great game, I love the character, good story, also I love the Idea in the ending of demo 💕💕 💕 I support you rate 5* good luck for the future!! 🌸🌸🌸

Thankyou for your rate, I'm glad to hear that🙏🙏


great jobs ..new version

Thankyou for your review & video~