Work in progress + Q & A

Work In progress :
1. Type writer system on chatbox (Done)
2. Inventory system
3. Lantern on/off

Future progress update :

1 Health bar
2. Save system
3. Map 2
4. Manymore... 

Q & A (most frequently asked)

1. What do you see?? wait lantern On/ Off  so finally I can use the lantern? Yes in map 2 but No in prototype map 1,  what do you mean?
in the map 1 on prototype lantern can't be used, lantern & lighter  is similar like a key, You need collect lantern & lighter to open the door in the mansion and it will bring you to the next room. 

2. What is map 2?
Map 2 is in the mansion  You can play it in the demo.
Simple explanation : (≧ω≦)b
Map 1 = Prologue (outside mansion)
Map 2 = Inside mansion

3. When LIRE demo is released?
Around Mei maybe it's all depend of budgeting.  Because I'm working this game by self I can't do full project for this game right now.
I have no patreon right now so I'm still do daily office work for budgeting this game.

4. If I support you, any chance this game will be canceled?
No, This game is my dream, and I will finish working this game no matter how much time I need to spend.

5. Why I see Giant golf  ball initiate key house, is that mistake? Nope is not  mistake, I make giant ball at the tree to make you  see and check that, because I dont  make complexity for puzzle in protoype, but dont worry in the demo you will not see that giant golf ball again~ (≖ᴗ≖✿)

If you have any question, please comment below~  ヾ(・ω・o)


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